AntiSpam / AntiVirus / AntiMalware

Have you realized how much a simple virus infection can cost your company? Not only is your data at risk, but virus infections can cause your system to run slow, reducing productivity, random crashes or system freezes, causing downtime, and even releasing private information, like credit card and social security information.

One thing to understand when choosing antivirus and antispam software is no software package is proven to be 100% safe. iValley only recommends software with proven track records and are able to stop the latest infections. Unfortunately, virus detection is a cat and mouse game. The virus makers are not going to call your antivirus company and tell them they have created a new virus that circumvents their protection. Of course not. Instead, the virus must infect a system. Then, once the infection is brought to the attention of the AV software company, they must find a way to detect the infection and remove it. This can take days or sometimes weeks.

The best antivirus or antispyware protection is a little common sense! If you receive an email from someone you don’t know that has an attachment, don’t open it! Many cracked or hacked programs available for download are infected with viruses. Don’t think just because the program is free, it isn’t without cost. Download shareware and freeware applications from well respected web sites that scan their offered software for infections. and be careful of where you go on the internet.

iValley provides programs and products to block bad web sites from being accessed, as well as monitored antivirus and antispyware solutions, which can notify us of infections, allowing us to take action, many times before the user becomes aware of it, thereby avoiding loss of data or productivity.

Not all antivirus and antispam software are the same. Even the most popular software can slow down your computer to a crawl and allow infections to get through. Some software packages provide a full suite of protection, but end up slowing down your PC more than a virus infection! Although iValley Technology Partners will support any virus protection you may currently have in place, we will only recommend those software packages we have fully tested and put through their paces.