System Procurement and Implementation

Whether you are in need of a high end workstation or server, or if you just need a simple PC, we will handle the entire process from gathering the specs, ordering and installing the system.

We provide custom-built PCs and servers, utilizing industry standard hardware. Unlike many “big name” systems, we will not use 3rd party hardware from unknown manufacturers to lower our cost. Instead, we build systems to last by incorporating hardware from manufacturers like Intel, ASUS, and NVidia who have been in the industry for years. The reason for using this hardware is to ensure the hardware will be supported on future upgrades and replacement for failed parts will be more readily available.  Differences in cost between these and “bargain price” retailers is usually minimal and the cost to maintain the system is usually lower over the life of the system.

For those who insist on name brand hardware, we have partnered with Dell to provide industry proven hardware at reasonable cost, with exceptional warranties.

All systems we provide are verified to function with the leading operating systems and tested for compatibility.

Our team is constantly researching new hardware to make sure your next system order will perform exactly as you expect, now and for years to come.