Security covers many different aspects of your computer systems and networks. It ranges from securing your files from unauthorized access to securing your computers and networks from viruses, malware and hackers. By utilizing proper access protocols and equipment, protecting your network from outside intruders can be done easily and without high costs. Internal threats are just as important and dangerous as external threats. Your company can be held legally responsible for any illegal activities performed by your employees on your network. One of the largest infractions is peer to peer file sharing, where users on your network allow external internet users to use your computers and network resources to illegaly share music, games, and other retail applications.

We will design a security system to fit your company’s needs and budget. We have partnerships with industry leaders to provide security appliances and applications to protect your network from outside threats, as well as internal threats. Our solutions allow us to block virus and malware infections from infecting your internal network, which cause downtime and repair costs to your company. With our web filtering platforms we can even block your internal users from intentionally or unintentionally accessing web sites that can cause damage to the operating system.

Wireless security is a subject widely overlooked by many small and medium-sized businesses. Did you know that with the proper tools a hacker can break into a WEP encrypted wireless network in under 15 minutes? Information like this is vital to network security. Just a few years ago WEP security was considered strong and unbreakable. Our experts constantly watch for new information vital to your company’s security and keep your company informed on upcoming technologies.

Security covers, but is not limited to:

Web Filters
Antimalware (antispyware)
File security
VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
Wireless access
Remote access