Computer systems and other network devices are similar to your vehicle with respect to proper maintenance. Would you run your car without oil? Not for long. To make sure your car is getting the best gas mileage and performance, it must be regularly inspected and maintained. This rule also applies to computer systems.

Over time, computer systems tend to slow down without proper maintenance. This is caused by creation of temporary files, which do not get deleted, random internet applications, which become loaded automatically from visiting a web site (malware), and disk fragmentation.

Regular PC maintanance includes running processes to remove items which can slow down your systems, defragment the hard drive, and install patches to the operating system, which resolve stability and security issues.

By performing regular maintenance on servers, PCs and other network equipment, your systems can continue to function at peak efficiency.

Proper maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

Temporary file deletion
Hard drive defragmentation
Regular scans for virus and malware infections
Operating system and other software updates