About iValley Technology Partners

iValley Technology Partners was started by a group of engineers and business and marketing professionals who believe honesty and integrity should be the backbone of the I.T. consulting business.

For more than 20 years our engineers have worked with multiple industries, including law firms, manufacturing, medical, and retail. Each industry has specific needs, although most have very common threads.

Certification is key

iValley engineers stay current with the latest technologies and retain their certifications with major software and equipment manufacturers, like Microsoft, Cisco, and Novell.

Cushing Anderson, an analyst at IDC, a market research company in Framingham, Mass. said “As opposed to having a staff with no formal training, having a staff with certifications should increase the organization’s ability to resolve networking failures by 20% to 40% and reduce the number of unexpected outages by 10%” (Computerworld, April 5, 2006).

By keeping our certifications current, we can assure the client that problems will be handled as quick as possible and new installations or upgrades will be smooth and meet or exceed expectations.

Certification provides our client the piece of mind that we are knowledgeable about our services. Staying current with certification means we stay current with the latest technologies in order to best serve your business.

Study Shows Lack of IT Training Impedes On-the-Job Performance – Certification Magazine Oct 27, 2008

We are here to either complement your current I.T. staff, or handle all your I.T. needs.

Our engineers can fully handle any of your I.T. needs, from setup and configuration of a desktop PC to coordination and configuration of multi-point WAN VPNs.

Whether you need us for a single project, or an ongoing basis, we are ready to become your partner in technology.